100% Pure Maple Syrup Tapped In New England

Our maple syrup is like a Spartan, marked by a broad, sun drenched chest, shadowed face, flesh flexed, undulating sinews, dripping, glistening in the sultry Spring, savoring each sip sentiently. A solitary warrior, staring unblinkingly, precipice perched, overlooking a calm New England landscape. Stark, staunch, stalwart, steadfast, sharing a Viscous vortex of warmth and delicate Sweetness while descending an Amber, bough drenched, grey bark draped, Maple alley. A lone, giving, dedicated Acer Saccharum, smiling into the wind as warm tufts of Golden wheat wave at vintage forests, a quail shifts, a heralded Hellenic hello.
— Winter Mead - Founder, Farmer, Friend