Our Story

With plans to explore the west coast and be closer to my sister as she finished school, I packed my bags and moved west to San Francisco. After a few months of sleeping on my sister's couch, I was able to find a place to live and an internship to get some real world experience.

Good maple syrup on the other hand was much harder to come by. Soon enough I was calling my parents and asking them to ship out some of the "good stuff" that my sister and I had grown up loving. The word spread and so did the boxes of syrup.

A few years later and with the help from my parents, sister, brother-in-law, girlfriend, and a few friends, a company dedicated to providing the best tasting and highest quality maple syrup was formed. We are so happy to pursue our passion to preserve New England's maple forest and  protect the livelihood of US farmers.

Still to this day, Mead and Mead’s offers 100% pure maple syrup and related products that are produced on my family’s farm as well as other maple farms in greater New England. Mead and Mead’s is fully focused on providing only the best tasting and highest quality products and I hope you enjoy!